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Established in Houston since 2013, I've navigated a diverse range of industries, each enhancing my marketing expertise. Gradually, I've ascended into leadership roles, spearheading key marketing initiatives as a Manager and Vice President.


Design - a passion that I've cultivated throughout my career - stands at the intersection of my work. My comprehensive training in UI/UX and SEO principles coupled with my certifications in video editing and graphic design allow me to offer diverse and multifaceted solutions to clients.

Moreover, my proficiency in website development has enabled me to craft exceptional digital experiences from scratch or restructure pre-existing platforms to better serve user needs. The heart of my satisfaction derives from interfacing with clients, witnessing their business growth, and achieving measurable results that exceed expectations.

Anchoring my approach is my academic foundation in Computer Science, which I diligently apply in my professional endeavors. Beyond the digital realm, I find balance in the tranquility of parks, the rejuvenation of exercise, the enlightenment from philosophical readings, and the nourishment of quality time spent with family.

Ashley Andruss


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